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Established in 2013, Kong’s Kings is Melbourne’s longest running drag king collective. We provide regular performance opportunities for established drag kings and gender diverse drag artists and pathways for new and emerging kings into the queer arts scene.

Kongs is committed to fostering inclusive, accessible safe spaces for the queer community.

Due to the ongoing constraints of the pandemic, Kongs is currently running ad-hoc events, varying between in-person and online depending on Covid-19 restrictions & perceived risk to the community.

New Kongs at The Fox

A night especially for first-time and emerging drag babes to sync their teeth into drag.

Currently held every third month at The Fox Hotel Collingwood.

Kongs Showcase

Every so often we put on a big deal show or week-long season, often with an outrageous theme.

Featuring some of Melbourne's best drag kings and performance artists.

Drag, Dance, Party!

Details about upcoming events on our home page.


By BustHerr

Once upon a time there were two fresh lil drag kings named BustHerr and Justin Sider. They were young, dumb and full of creative show ideas that had nowhere to be put to good use on a regular basis. Their regular drag king night had been put on hiatus you see and they had nowhere to go, nowhere to show and nowhere to unleash their awesomeness onto everyone’s faces. Essentially they were drag starved and suffering.

One day they were kicking cans down an alleyway in Richmond, wearing their finest suits, having grown their most luscious beards for no real reason...when an angel appeared. Angel Taryn floated down from the balcony above bearing two pints of golden sweet elixir for them. She cradled their tiny, crying performance-starved faces and said "Come… come with me..." and she took them into her pub. As they entered the Eureka tired, cold and showbiz ravenous, a light appeared dead ahead and Angel Taryn bequeathed to them a stage. A stage of potential. A stage of pure inspiration. A stage....for a king. "There's also a bar and 200 person max capacity" she sang. AND KONGS WAS BORN!

Thinking they were just putting on a show for their other king-starved friends and stageless performers, word got around fast....and soon a one off party became an institution.
"MORE" the masses bellowed everytime they tried to rest their weary heads from the endless stream of drag groupies! "MORE" the people chanted… and more they gave them.

Justin Sider eventually came down with a chronic case of "Thefameistoomucheitis" and bowed out. BustHerr soldiered on until his bones got old, his beard got crusty, his suits and overall style were out of fashion and people were getting over his obsession with performing to Britney.


Then....another Angel appeared. Angel Rex Spandex! Also bearing a sweet pint of green elixir (Japanese Slippers being his drink of choice) floated over to BustHerr, cradled his weary head and said "You rest sweet, sweet old man… you rest. I got it from here." Taking the glorious love child from his hands, raising it above their head and singing the drag king cry of the ages "HAAAAA-SBINETNYAAAAAA" he went forth! And he has been taking Kongs to new levels since!


Behold the glory of the kings!

Photo credits:

Kimberley Langdon / Suzanne Phoenix / Ari New / Brig Bee Photo


BustHerr/ Justin Sider / Justin Teliqure  / Rocco D'Amore / Rex Spandex / Lenny Lixor  / Randy Roy 

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