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Supporting one another like best buddies do.

Do you have a small business, product or event that you’d love to market to some darling queers?


Kongs is currently looking for some babes to join our best buddies club!  That’s a club where you provide us with some prizes for our raffles and we sing praises about your biz on our socials and at our events. Plus, we will add you to the “Kongs Best Buddies Club” list on our website so the world can know we support one another. ‘Cause that’s what best buddies do: they support one another.  


We are running a raffle every second month at our New Kongs at The Fox events and we need best buddies for each of those into the future. If you’d like to become a best buddy for one or more of these events then please get in touch. We can’t wait to welcome you with a secret handshake!


Support these businesses that support Kongs!

Photo of Jesse Dean & Rex Spandex. Photographed by Brig Bee Photo.

POKE business card.png

POKE Tattoo Packs

Convenient affordable packs filled with everything you need for your very own safer, more hygienic hand poke tattoo - a more informed DIY tattoo experience. 

POKE Tattoo Packs are the first and only Australian based company passionate about providing packs of high quality utensils, materials and information, with the aim to reduce the potential danger in DIY tattooing. A fantastic tool to learn and express yourself through the beautiful art form of stick and poke!  


Miranda Leigh Artist

Miranda Leigh is an artist who loves to explore and play with different mediums, textures and style. They are a traveller, a wandering performer and a lover of nature and that comes across in their work with the use of recycled and repurposed materials whenever possible. Each piece is unique and individual with limited print runs to allow you to be a part of something truly special to you. 


Pelican Breath

Pelican Breath is a queer owned and run Melbourne clothing company. Always fair trade and always free shipping. Listen to Pelican.

IG: @pelicanbreath


Charly Sneaker

Charly Sneaker is a queer artist hailing from Melbourne, who wants to share their quirky, inky goodness with the world (and especially with Kong's Kings!). Originally a graphic designer, Charly has now been dabbling in a whole new world of artistic endeavours, from stick-and-poke tattoos, to deliciously adorable accessories. 


You can visit Charly's Etsy page, or slide into their DMs if you want a bit of Sneaker in your life, and help them raise money for their long-awaited top surgery!


Nikki Darling

Nikki Darling, Australia's first gender-free sexual health and pleasure store, was founded in 2015 with the belief that sex toys are for every body and pleasure is a human right. Nikki Darling is all about creating spaces that are fun, approachable and safe for you to learn more about sexual health and pleasure, and has a carefully selected range of bodysafe toys and accessories available in their online store. 

bobi dea designs.jpg

Bobi Dea Designs

$20 Handmade Full Coverage face masks with built in pocket. Each comes with a PM2.5 filter. Adjustable strapping to fit all adults, kid sizes coming soon.

Reusable and machine wash safe. Visit their Esty page to check out the designs!

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